“I lost 12 1/2 lbs. in 7 days! And I’ve come to depend on Chef V’s Green Juice…”

Aerika – San Diego, CA

“Chef V’s Green Drink gives me the boost I need. I don’t even drink coffee anymore!”

Cody – North Park, CA

“I just lost 10 lbs. on Chef V’s Green Drink… in 10 days. I’m so excited!!!”

Desiree – San Fransisco, CA

Organic Green Drink Delivery
Organic Green Drink 1 Month Prepay
Organic Green Drink 6 Month Prepay

All Organic Ingredients:

Black Kale

Green Kale

Collard Greens

Green Leaf Lettuce

Curly Parsley

Green Chard

Dandelion Greens

Apple (makes everything taste really good!)


Mar ’14

“Chef V has been amazing in my life…. it’s so convenient, it’s really easy to be healthy!” Rebecca Jones – San Marcos, CA

Rebecca -

Feb ’14

“In addition, I lost 10 lbs… I’m feeling healthy, wealthy, and great!” Leah Christensen – San Marcos, CA

Jan ’14

“It’s changed my whole perspective on cleansing… I’d be happy to recommend it to anyone and do it again!” Emily S. – San Jose, CA

Dec ’13

“It’s an incredible program and you lose weight fast. The first time I lost 7 LBS. in 3 days. This time I expect to lose more…” Cody Bramlett – North Park, CA

Nov ’13

“I was a little bit worried at first, a little bit nervous. But I can tell you just after a couple days I felt an immense change…” Elise – La Jolla, CA

Oct ’13

“It’s the first time I’ve done a cleanse like this and felt this good this early on. Usually day two I feel pretty crummy…” Matt Lesley – Windsor, CA

Sep ’13

“I’m officially a cleanse believer! I’m a mom of three young little girls and I have a difficult time sleeping in the evening and really just keeping up with them…” Jennifer Wood – Los Gatos, CA

Aug ’13

“Just after 3 days my husband lost 13.6 lbs. and I’ve lost 6.8… We are looking forward to a healthy, happy lifestyle thanks to Chef V!” Jeanette – San Diego, CA

Jul ’13

“The reason I like it is because it’s the one thing I can do everyday to get in my Greens, to get in my Vitamins and stay healthy!” Seth O’Byrne – Encinitas, CA

Jun ’13

“Everything is really tasty. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed Chef V’s Organic Cleanse. I’ve had more energy than normal!” Jessica Hetzer – La Jolla, CA

May ’13

“You are what you eat… Chef V’s cleanse allows the body to flush out all the toxins and waste that has built up over time…” Dr. Fatimah – Pacific Beach, CA

Apr ’13

“I’m taking Chef V’s Organic Green Drink every day and I have the most energy I’ve ever had!” Alison Ireton – San Diego, CA

Mar ’13

“I’ve sat through beautiful dinners and had Chef V’s amazing soup and I didn’t feel like I was missing out at all!” Lisa Sasevich – La Jolla, CA

Feb ’13

“As a healthcare professional, I recommend Chef V’s Organic Green Drink to all my clients and my family!” Dr. Brian Beckner – San Diego, CA

Jan ’13

“I lost 12 1/2 lbs. in 7 days! I thought it would be difficult but after the first day it was really good for me…” Aerika – San Diego, CA

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Sugar Comparison Green Drink
Yelp Green Drink Testimonial - San Diego - Wonderful
Organic Green Drink Delivery
Organic Green Drink 1 Month Prepay
Organic Green Drink 6 Month Prepay
Yelp Green Drink Testimonial - Burbank, CA - Pregnant
Yelp Green Drink Testimonial - San Diego, CA - Great!
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